How do we spend your donations?

TheHogfarmers and the families they benefit sincerely appreciate all of the donations received. The costs associated with childhood diseases are staggering, and part of the donations are used to assist these families in any way that helps.

General everyday basic needs can be a cost that puts a drain on a family's budget while they have much larger concerns.

The HogFarmers gladly purchase items like this for families to not only alleviate some costs, but to also help them manage their time. Shopping for family needs while a child is in the hospital can become a burden, and we are glad to help.

Nothing makes a kid feel great like a bunch of new toys! 
Playing with new toys keeps a kid's mind active and helps them just be a kid for a while and take their mind off of what they are going through.

Something like a jersey with their favorite player's number and their own name on it can make any kid feel special.

Cody thought this jersey was AWESOME!

Cards and care items help kids feel less lonely, and to know people are thinking about them and care for them. 

Medical bills pile up, and The HogFarmers also use donation to help assist with deferring some of these costs.

IPads, electronic games, and other items have been donated to area hospitals.

We sincerely hope you will find it within your heart to help us help these familes. No one wants to be in the position they are, and to know they have support behind them can make a world of difference.

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